Danish Sound Network new member of SmartCity Tech

Danish Sound Network has become a member of the European SmartCity Tech Partnership

Danish Sound Network has become a member of the European SmartCity Tech Partnership where the mission is to facilitate global cooperation between city stakeholders, companies, public organizations aiming at the development and realization of innovative value models for urban areas enabled by smart systems. It is about bringing experts from different disciplines and different regions together and to make them cooperate on digital solution enabled products and services for urban areas.

Danish Sound has three main challenges to ensure the development of this SmartCity ecosystem:

  • Urban & environmental sound solutions
  • Sound solutions for healthcare
  • Digital & creative sound solutions.

With this new addition, the SmartCityTech counts 10 members (DSPValleyBICCnetBrainsBusinessGAIASCC ClusterAMECHouse of EnergySystematicTICE.PT and the Danish Sound Network) from 7 European countries (Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal).

US mission in September

By September, you have the opportunity to go to New York and Boston with 40-50 other European companies. The trip is planned and implemented by SmartCity Tech in collaboration with 15 other European clusters – including Danish Sound Network.

More information about the trip will be available regularly, so keep an eye on the website or contact Kristian Krämer.

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