About us

We unite the audio industry's companies, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and research environments.

About us

We unite the audio industry's companies, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and research environments.

We build bridges

Our organization covers the whole sound industry in Denmark. We ensure that knowledge, research and compentencies find their way into companies and products.

Uniting the audio industry

Register your company today! Seek inspiration at webinars and conferences, and invite your team to the professional working groups, where we devise the sound technology solutions of the future.  

Torben Vilsgaard

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Our vision

Who we are

We collaborate to support a world-class sound environment in Denmark

We are a member forum for collaboration, networking and business development. We work with both knowledge institutions and businesses in the audio industry.

Danish Sound Cluster is the nationwide cluster organization for Denmark's sound industry. We work to improve people's quality of life through innovative sound solutions. Our goal is to ensure that by 2025, Denmark will be among the world's 3 best suppliers of sound-related products and solutions.


Sound technology is one of Denmark's strongest tech areas. In order to maintain and develop that position, industry players must work together. As a member organization, we facilitate collaboration and innovation across the audio industry. We work with the associated knowledge institutions and research environments, and strengthen knowledge sharing and professional networks. In addition, we support entrepreneurship and international partnerships.

Who is the audio industry

World-class quality of life and technology

The Danish audio industry consists of 600 companies, where audio is the primary or significant part of the strategic focus. The industry employs 52,000 employees, generates annual revenue of DKK 70 billion. and exports more than DKK 60 billion, corresponding to 4% of total Danish exports. 

The sound sector is among the 4 (out of 11) Danish technology sectors (ATV's analysis), which scores above the average number of patents and scientific publications internationally, which underlines Denmark's strong position in sound. Read more in our latest industry analysis. 

Sound technology is therefore one of Denmark's strongest tech areas, contributing to the quality of life of people all over the world. The audio industry has – somewhat simplified – four focus areas:   

  • Healthcare Sound Solutions – How do we use sound technological innovation to increase the population's quality of life and health? How do we diagnose, prevent and remedy hearing loss? How can sound and music alleviate somatic and psychiatric disorders?  

  •  Environmental Sound Solutions – How do we monitor, reduce and combat noise – inside and outside? – in traffic, in the urban environment, in industry, at work and at home? How do we strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration on acoustics with actors who are traditionally outside the audio industry?  
  • Creative Sound Solutions – How do we develop good sound as a content, experience and communication element in digital media such as gaming, film, podcast, TV, music, radio, social media and digital streaming? 

  •  Future SoundTech Solutions – How do we integrate future technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, Big Data to create good sound quality and good acoustic conditions in the future? 

Our framework

We are part of the cluster program Innovationskraft,  financed by Denmarks The Danish Business Authority og The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science 

What is a cluster

Clusters are open and neutral platforms that facilitate cooperation, boost partnerships and accelerate knowledge-based innovation to solve the great challenges of the future.

Clusters are a driving force in developing Denmark's business strongholds.

Based on the needs of companies, clusters take leadership in driving sustainable growth and world-class innovation.

By bringing together actors, clusters address opportunities and challenges that no company, no knowledge institution, no municipality or no organization can solve by itself.

  • Denmark has 13 national and publicly funded clusters.
  • The clusters have been assigned to strengthen the innovative power in Danish companies within Denmark's strongest and most promising business and technology areas. This is done through cooperation and knowledge transfer between companies, knowledge institutions and other actors.
  • The strongholds have been named by by the Danish Board of Business Development in the strategy Business promotion in Denmark 2020-2023 and partly by the Minister of Higher Education and Science.
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Our vision

Who we are

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