Acoustics in Open Plan Offices

March 23rd, 12.30 - 18.00 p.m

Location: Royal Danish Academy, Holmen, Copenhagen

Price: Free

Language: English / Danish

Catering: sandwich & coffee, networking drink

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Join industry colleagues and researchers on this Acoustics in Open Plan Offices physical seminar at the Royal Danish Academy. Come get inspired, updated and network with the experts on the latest research and progress on Acoustics in Open Plan Offices.

Nowadays many of us spend our working lives in large open offices – very large rooms with a lot of people. Over the years, this has been preferred over single person/few people offices for its obvious advantages on space saving and (in principle) easier communication between colleagues.

Such a work environment can function, but it requires a number of conditions to be under control, such as a shared understanding of behaviour, the physical layout of the area, the visual expression as well as basic parameters such as light, heat, ventilation – and of course, sound. The acoustic conditions are often far from optimal.

This means that office workers are disturbed in their work and the working environment is not optimal.

There are now a number of tools in the form of standards and guidelines, calculation programs etc. – all elements that support better planning and execution of the open office. At the same time, sustainability must also be taken into account.

Danish Sound Cluster invites you to an in-person seminar where the participants will meet a number of speakers who are deeply involved in the area, each in their field. Join in at the Royal Danish Academy to get inspired and updated on the latest research and developments on acoustics in open plan offices.


Who is this event for?  

Architects, acousticians, architecture students, researchers, architecture companies, consultancy companies, consultants within architecture/ acoustics, entrepreneurs and sustainability experts



  • 12.30: grab a sandwich
  • 13.00: our speakers present their latest field findings and share experiences
  • 17.00: drinks & informal networking

Jens Holger Rindel, Founder and Senior Researcher at Odeon A/S

Jens holds a PhD in Acoustics from DTU. Jens initiated the cooperation between DTU (Department of Acoustic Technology) and a group of consulting companies in 1984 with the purpose of providing reliable prediction software for room acoustics. In 2007 he left his position as Professor at the university to concentrate on consultancy and Odeon A/S, where he was the managing director up until February 2012. 

Jens Holger Rindel

Marianne Lykkesfeldt, Partner, Head of projects and HR at Laika

Marianne holds a Cand. Arch. From the Royal Danish Academy and is currently heading the room design Projects for Laika. In 2010 LAIKA Rumdesign was founded to create life in space because Space Matters. 


Marianne Lykkesfeldt

Anders Jørgensen, Project manager at Stouenborg

Anders is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the performing arts industry. Skilled in Professional Audio, Audio Engineering, Production Management, Audio Editing, and Theatre. Strong program and project management professional with a Bachelor in sound design focused in Sound design from Statens theater School In Denmark. In 2019 Anders received the prestigious AWARD "Consultant of the year" at the InAVate AWARD in Amsterdam. 

Anders Jorgensen

Morten Roar Berg, Business relations manager at Saint-Gobain Denmark

Morten holds an MSc in Audio design from Aarhus University. Morten is driven by a need to create long-term and in-depth results. Innovation and business development are his key areas, with a strong passion for the combination of innovation and expertise. Throughout Morten's careers, he has developed skills in projects pertaining to from Idea generation and strategy, to marketing, sales, and lobbyism. 

Morten Roar Berg

Isak Worre Bailiff, Professor at the Royal Danish Academy

An architect and engineer by training, Professor Isak Worre Foged conducts research and teaching at The Royal Danish Academy, where he leads the Cluster for Material Studies. Isak obtained his MSc.Eng.Arch. and PhD. pious Aalborg University, his March from UIC, Barcelona and some of his PhD studies from GSAPP, Columbia University. Isak's research is focused on investigating and developing new dynamic relationships between materials, humans and specific environments, where thermal and acoustic phenomena are of particular focus. 

Isak Worre Bailiff

Eddy Bøgh Brixen, Consultant and owner at EBB-consult

Eddy B. Brixen received his education in electronic engineering from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Copenhagen Engineering College, and the Technical University of Denmark. Major activities include room acoustics, electro-acoustic design, and audio forensics. He is a consultant with – and the owner of – EBB-consult, an Audio Specialist with DPA Microphones and an Associate Professor with the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Eddy is the author of several textbooks on audio of which "Audio Metering" published by Focal Press is one. 

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Eddy Bøgh Brixen

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