Industry analysis of the Danish sound industry 2021-2022

For more than 100 years, the Danish sound industry has been at the forefront - in design, technology and quality.

The sound industry has undergone a major development in recent years, and in order for us as a sound cluster to support the industry optimally in the innovation work, there is a need for an updated mapping of the sound industry.

Therefore, we begin the preparation of an analysis of what the industry looks like today, eg number of companies, turnover, exports, etc.

To ensure the quality of our data, we will contact some audio companies and we hope for a good collaboration in this context. 

Of course, we will share our analysis with all players in the industry when it is ready.

Best regards

Danish Sound Cluster

The analysis is funded by contributions from the GN Foundation


Click HERE to download pdf of the industry analysis 2013-2017

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