Collaborative projects

Create more innovation and obtain synergy through collaboration 

Creating innovation through collaborations

Research shows that companies collaborating with other businesses are more likely to develop new innovations compared to those that don't collaborate.

Danish Sound Cluster can help initiate and contribute to collaborations between companies. Would you like to join?

What is a collaborative project? 

A collaborative project invites Danish entrepreneurs or SME's (with a maximum of 250 employees) to work with innovation through collaborations. The project partners define the project aims and goals . Danish Sound Cluster is happy to contribute with its network to map and find partners.

The purpose of the project is to assist the participating companies innovate within sound – this can be within various areas:

  • Concepts for new products or solutions
  • Product and process innovation
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Organizational innovation

In a collaborative project, you and your company can: 

  • Easier develop innovative solutions
  • Learn more about how you implement innovative processes
  • Find new business partners
  • Expand your network and relationships
  • Prepare for larger collaborations and perhaps obtain external funding
  • There will be a small subsidy for the purchase of external consulting (max. DKK 5000) for each participating company.  

How to apply: 

What are the requirements?

  • You must Two or more companies participate, of which at least two are startups or SMEs (<250 employees).  A larger company is welcome to participate in the collaboration.
  • Our activities are financed by the Danish Board of Business Development on our existing grant. We need private co-financing as "hours" from the participating entrepreneurs / SME companies. This means that we require you to register the hours you spend in the project.

    This means that we require you to register the hours you spend in the project (app. 1 og app. 2)

  • The participating companies sign de minimis statement of DKK 99.000 
  • To ensure a smooth process, Danish Sound Cluster participates in the first kickoff, where we agree on a short statement of results forming the basis for the project.

  • At the project end, participants briefly describe the results (final report)

Contact us to discuss your idea for a sound project!

We can help you define the project, find potential partners and be your sparring partner throughout the process. We are also happy to assist with project administration and other relevant services.

Useful templates can be downloaded here:

Application form – HERE

Template for time registration – HERE

Guide to time registration – HERE

Declaration of de minimis – HERE

Final Report – HERE

Guidelines on Innovation Power 2021-2024 – HERE

How to get started? Don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Project manager Tinne Midtgaard – tel. 30 49 78 46

Danish Sound Cluster

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