Danish Sound Cluster still part of Danish Cluster Strategy 

So happy to announce that the Danish authorities have decided to include Danish Sound Cluster in the national cluster strategy for another 4 years! Hereby also an official recognition of sound technology as a Danish position of strength.

Looking ahead: To ensure better quality of life, so many sound-related societal challenges still need to be solved. Here's a few examples:

  • Better care and market penetration for the one-fifth of the global population suffering from hearing loss, with social exclusion and dementia as potential consequences.
  • Improved indoor acoustics at workplaces, public institutions and in homes, to increase well-being and productivity.
  • Reduction of noise pollution in urban areas – for everyone's physical and mental health.
  • Enhanced audio experiences in homes, cars, theaters, festivals, arts, ed tech and museums – for well-being and high quality communication.

We are looking forward to solving these issues through new innovative projects and partnerships together with all existing and future partners in our community of audio professionals and enthusiasts!

Thanks for your support!

Danish Sound Cluster

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