Education about sound in Denmark

The foundation for innovation in the Danish audio industry is a years-long tradition of research and education within a number of fields, e.g. acoustics, audiology, electrical technology, building and sound design, digital signal processing and music, etc.

For more than 100 years, Danish research has been leading the way and today the result is that there are more than 60 bachelor's and master's programmes at Danish universities and vocational colleges, where SOUND is an essential component.

Below you will find the education overview with active links.

Aalborg University

AAU works for a sustainable, vibrant and attractive society for everyone. We research and develop design and technology with people at the centre. We investigate the interaction between creativity, users and technology. We offer a wide range of courses in architecture, design and media technology in Aalborg and Copenhagen.

computer engineeringCandidate
electronic systemsCandidate
Electronics and System DesignBachelor
Indoor Environmental and Energy EngineeringCandidate
Interactive digital mediaCandidate
Art and technologyBachelor
Mathematics technologyBachelor
Mathematics technologyCandidate
Sound and Music ComputingCandidate

Aarhus university

Department of Digital Design and Information Science is among the strongest IT professional environments in Europe and attracts visiting researchers and PhD students from all over the world. We deal with information technology as part of people's everyday life and future. Therefore, we have a strong link between theory and practice and are involved in many national and international collaborations.

digital designsCandidate
Digital design – IT, aesthetics and interactionBachelor
Electrical technologyBachelor
Electrical technologyCandidate

Denmark's Technical College

DTU is Denmark's largest educational institution for engineers. The approach can be very variable with technology as the focus to solve societal challenges, e.g. in relation to acoustics or hearing loss. DTU offers a number of degree programs within electrical, building and health technology.

Building designCandidate
Electrical technologyBachelor
Electrical technologyCandidate
Construction and MechanicsCandidate
Sound and acoustic technologyCandidate
Medicine and technologyBachelor
Medicine and technologyCandidate
Production and constructionBachelor

National Film School of Denmark

The Danish Film School is Denmark's only state higher education within film and television production. We offer a number of training courses for the most dedicated film talents from the growth stage. Offers courses, masterclasses and other industry events via our continuing education for professionals who already work in the film, television and games industry.

Animation directorArtistic 
Documentary directorArtistic 
Fiction instructorArtistic 
Film cutterArtistic 
Film producerArtistic 
Film tone masterArtistic 

The Danish National School of Performing Arts

The Danske Scenekunstskole is a modern, artistic learning environment that inspires new ways of thinking, artistic expression and social engagement. Artistic development company (KUV/Artistic Research) is a term for the knowledge and knowledge base that characterizes higher artistic education and which supplements knowledge from professional practice and academic research.

Performing artsCandidate

The Royal Academy of Music

In addition to teaching music at the highest international level, the Jutland Conservatory of Music also contributes to the development of art and culture in a number of other areas. DJM has an extensive research and development business within music and music pedagogy and communication, works with growth stage development (children and young people) and with general cultural activities, including concert activities, publishing music and books, holding conferences, etc.

Electronic music and soundArtistic 

The Royal Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation 

The architectural education in Copenhagen gives you the opportunity to work with a number of different tasks within architecture, planning and design, including acoustics and noise. As an architect, you work to create new spatial and sensorially interesting solutions for the whole community.


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 

The laboratory for sound – The laboratory's facilities offer, among other things:
ProTools Studio with Ableton Live, Soundproof booth, Pro Tools Workstation with Ableton Live and MaxMsp, workshop room (for live improvisation, recording, research and as a listening room), oscilloscope, biofeedback equipment and other audio equipment microphone equipment, mobile recording equipment, library, a room for smaller sound performances or sound presentations.

Visual artBachelor
Visual artCandidate

The Royal Danish Academy of Music

The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen offers music education at the highest level. The wide range of courses at the Academy attracts a diversity of students, thereby creating an international study environment. RDAM educates musicians, singers, music pedagogues, church musicians, composers and tonemeisters to the highest level within a wide selection of subjects and specialties.

Tone masterBachelor
Tone masterCandidate

University of Copenhagen

Denmark's largest educational institution offers a number of courses where sound plays a central role.

Medicine and technologyBachelor

Roskilde University

You learn to analyze, develop and manage events, festivals, exhibitions and conferences. You study theory and practice within, among other things, performance, light and sound design and creative processes.

performance designBachelor

Rytmisk Music Conservatory

RMC offers the highest education in rhythmic contemporary music. A music producer must do to create the best conditions to realize the artistic intention. The tools can be everything from sound engineering, dialogue, feedback, composition, text work, arrangement, mix and more.

Music productionBachelor
Music CreationCandidate

Danish National Academy of Music

SDMK offers the country's widest range of higher artistic and music education programmes. Syddansk Musikkonservatorium is a higher education institution that offers music and music education programs at the highest level. 

Electronic music and soundArtistic 
Electronic music and sound artCandidate

University College Southern Denmark

Sonic College in Kolding is a higher education for young people who want to use their musical talent to create a professional career as a sound designer within the media communication industry.
Sound design Professional bachelor

it vest

The MSc program in Digital design, the line in Audio design, focuses on interactive and adaptive sound design in artistic, experience-oriented and mediating contexts, on sound culture and aesthetics as well as on the role and function of sound in different types of audiovisual media.

Audio designCandidate
Danish Sound Cluster

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