Have you started or are you considering your own business in sound? - then you have come to the right place

Audio technology startups must secure the future 

Sound technology is a Danish position of strength with a number of established companies that stand strong on the world market. If the audio industry is to continue to develop, it is important that new companies are developed that can eventually become global players and contribute to an increased quality of life through growth, innovation and new jobs. 

Entrepreneurs have the important role of challenging the existing with new perspectives and ideas and are therefore an important component in a well-functioning cluster like the Danish Sound Cluster. Added to this is the entrepreneurial companies' ability to scale so that in the long term you can develop and conquer new markets.

Danish Sound Cluster is therefore dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in all facets of the exciting journey through inspiration, start-up, scaling and, not least, collaboration with established research and industry. 

We thus offer both a startup program and network, just as we collaborate with other external actors and members regarding the incubation and acceleration of startups. We also facilitate matchmaking for experienced mentors from the audio industry.

Danish Sound Cluster

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