"Your network is your net worth" 


Are you planning to start your own business, or do you already have a startup? Do you struggle with questions about technology, product development, user involvement, commercialization, composition of the optimal team, or are you looking for an investor in the audio industry? At Danish Sound Cluster, we cheer for you on and we offer you opportunities that you, as an entrepreneur, should not miss: 

Participate in startup programs - Seek tech and business sparring - Get involved at our professional events - Connect with collaboration partners at networking events. 


Exposure and networking

Most entrepreneurs need exposure, feedback and good business contacts. That's why we try to include startups as participants and contributors in the majority of our activities:on Danish Sound Day, at conferences and seminars, in network groups, at investor events, at professional webinars, in projects with knowledge institutions and among potential corporate partners. 

Ongoing activities

  • Read more about Beyond Beta and the SoundTech Incubator program: here
  • Read more about our networking group for startups: here

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