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It's all about innovation! 

Technological inventions and groundbreaking discoveries have created results in varied fields, such as health, digitalisation, in- and outdoor environments, artistic production - just to mention a few. 

Denmark deserves its international position among the leading countries in sound technology, where we also find tech regions in the USA, Germany, Japan and China. Every day, researchers, specialists, entrepreneurs, business developers and many other relevant profiles collaborate to refine products and services, investigate problematic areas and publish new knowledge, as well as create and patent new inventions. Each of these efforts contributes to strengthening and expanding sound as a diverse and promising research field, business topic and potential area of new inventions. 

However, competitiveness is under pressure, and it is therefore crucial to continuously strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration between the business and research environments, as well as focus on finding new talents and resources. As a network organisation, Danish Sound Cluster plays an important role in strengthening innovation in the sound industry. Among other, the Cluster helps to: 

  • Establish research collaborations between research and knowledge institutions and companies 
  • Strengthen the innovative and competitive power of small and medium-sized enterprises 
  • Develop completely new ideas through entrepreneurial programs 
  • Make sure that relevant parties in the audio industry meet each other. – in network groups, for events, etc.

 Read more about funding innovation projects HERE and of the cluster Innovation projects og Startup Accelerator.

Danish Sound Cluster

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