Is the name of the overall Danish cluster effort, which covers 13 different positions of strength in Denmark. Innovative power is the backbone of Danish Sound Cluster's efforts to strengthen innovation in the Danish sound companies.

The purpose of the cluster program is to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of companies - and especially SMEs - through collaboration on innovation and the transfer of knowledge between companies and knowledge institutions as well as other actors within the relevant business and technology areas.

The national cluster organizations are the driving force and support world-class innovation within their entire respective ecosystem, which in addition to companies and knowledge institutions also includes, for example, public actors, investors and entrepreneurial environments.

The cluster effort must equip the companies to seize new opportunities and deal with challenges linked to new opportunities, needs and conditions in markets abroad and at home based on cooperation with each other and other players. This applies not least in relation to increased digitalisation, the sweeping green transition and conversion to more sustainability in production and society in general.

The cluster organizations have an international outlook and promote cooperation on innovation across national borders. It must, among other things, strengthen access to international innovation cooperation and to new international knowledge about testing, demonstration, technology and business opportunities. 

The innovation power project runs in the period 2021 – 2024 and is financed by Denmark's Business Promotion Board and the Danish Agency for Education and Research.

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