Innovation projects

Particpate in an innovation project and get access to new knowledge


Join an innovation project and get access to new knowledge

Danish Sound Cluster can fund for industry-driven innovation projects and applied research. Would you like to join?

What is an innovation project? 

An innovation project builds a bridge between companies and knowledge institutions. Here, specialized knowledge is converted into new ideas, and the project aims to strengthen innovation and growth potential through an interaction between knowledge institutions and companies - and takes the companies' needs as a starting point.

Innovation projects can e.g. be: technology development, pre-projects,feasibility studies, analysis.

Knowledge institutions, such as GTS institutes and universities, receive funds in innovation projects to provide technological assistance to Danish sound technology companies, which are further helped with their innovation ideas. The funds come from the Ministry of Education and Research, and are given as part of the innovation power cluster grant 2023-2024.

In an innovation project, you and your company can thus: 

  • Define a sound-related issue that you want to work on 
  • Fund a researcher for a period of time 
  • Access the results and use them afterwards 
  • Create networks and contacts in research environments and to other companies 
  • Form the background for new collaborations, e.g. new / major innovation projects 
  • Participate in presenting the project's results in, for example, a webinar, at a conference or in written communication 

Read more HERE about who can participate, what we allocate funds for, and all the "formalities" (framework, application, deadlines and process).

See the Danish Sound Innovation 2022 webinar, where 4 completed innovation projects are presented: click HERE

Contact us to discuss your idea for a sound project!

We can help you define the project, find potential partners and give you sparring on filling in the application and budget. We can also answer questions about the requirements we set for granting funds for your project. 

Project manager Tinne Midtgaard – tel. 30 49 78 46

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