Mapping of international partners for innovation within the sound industry

Project title:

Mapping of international partners for innovation within the sound industry


The Danish sound industry is among the most innovative internationally. Innovation is key to maintaining Denmark's leading position within sound technology. Collaboration with international partners (enterprises, RTOs, Universities, Cluster organizations etc.) is a path to innovation for Danish enterprises.

DSC has a good overview of actors and opportunities within Denmark. However, there is a need for greater overview of the international sound industry and the potential for international collaboration and innovation partnerships.

This project aims to create an overview of international actors working with sound technology and related technologies in order to clarify and facilitate international collaboration for the Danish sound industry. The project will create opportunities for new collaborative relationships for the DCS's members.

The analysis will involve a large number of DSC's members. This ensures that the project creates value for the members by allowing the enterprises to help scope the project themselves and to pinpoint relevant actors and segments of enterprises that might be of relevance.

This will be done through a workshop with enterprises that sets the thematic framework for the project. Furthermore, the results will be validated by the companies in another workshop to further refine the mapping and ensure a useful and meaningful presentation of the results.

During the period between the two workshops, the Danish Technological Institute will conduct the mapping. This will be based on patent data from the sound industry, supplemented by a series of interviews with Danish enterprises that have experienced successful innovation collaborations with foreign actors.


Start: 1 November 2023
End: 31 August 2024
Funding: 159.850 DKK

Lead Research:

Danish Technological Institute 

Emil Højbjerre Thomsen, Business Manager

Danish Sound Cluster professional focus areas: Healthcare & Welfare – Environmental Sound Solutions – Future Sound Solutions – Creative Sound Solutions


Funded by the Danish Agency for Education and Research

Danish Sound Cluster contact person:

Project Manager Tinne Midtgaard, – tel. 3049 7846

Danish Sound Cluster

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