Networking groups

Below you can see an overview of our Network Groups, both current and upcoming.   

Networking groups for audio companies 

To strengthen knowledge sharing and the professional network across the sound industry, Danish Sound Cluster offers a number of professional networks. A networking group is a confidential space where you meet like-minded people from other audio companies who, like you, are preoccupied with specific professional issues. You exchange experiences with others in the same situation, spar around the current challenges and find inspiration for how your tasks can be approached. 

Netværkene er åbne for alle, og deltagelse er gratis for medarbejdere i betalende medlemsvirksomheder. Danish Sound Cluster står for alt det praktiske og sikrer en effektiv facilitering, så netværksdeltagerne kan koncentrere sig om indholdet og netværket. Gruppen bestemmer selv formen på møderne. 

Framework and practical details

  • We hold 4 annual meetings in each local group 
  • The meetings are held alternately with members of the network 
  • A network facilitator from Danish Sound Cluster provides meeting notices, programs, as well as "light" facilitation and follow-up 
  • The group members actively contribute with ideas for professional content and program 
  • Pthe first meeting vender vi needset for at drøfte spilleregler for fortrolighed  

Personal and confidential

Your membership is personal and valid for one year at a time. Should you have to unsubscribe, consider whether you have a good colleague who will fit into the group. 

We want our network groups to be as diverse as possible, and for small and large companies to participate on an equal footing. If you are several from a large company who want to participate, contact the network facilitator to discuss whether everyone can be admitted.

You can sit in a group with a competitor, but usually the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of being together.  

Sign up

Start med at sende interessetilkendegivelsen til Murielle De Smedt – . Er netværket endnu ikke sat i gangså meld dig Nevertheless to, så vi ved hvad der er interesse forVi opstarter netværksgruppen og giver dig direkte besked, så snart der er nok tilmeldte. Er din virksomhed ikke allerede member, so consider whether you should not become one, so you do not have to pay to join the network.

Check out here whether your company is a member.

Entry fee:

0, - for paying member company by Danish Sound Cluster

5.000, - ex. VAT for other participants

The participation fee is charged once a year; in the first year you are charged per. commenced quarter.

Innovationskraft When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationskraft, which is funded by Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse and Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft 
n to standard rate. Read more about Innovation Power

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