Try a collaboration with Aalborg University students (in Danish)

Try a collaboration with Aalborg University students

Do you need to have new eyes on the unresolved challenges?

Aalborg University (AAU) offers high-quality research in the humanities, engineering and natural sciences, social sciences, technical and health sciences and focuses on solid world-class national and international research groups divided into the university's subject areas. AAU ensures high quality in research and research-based education through e.g. special support for the most promising talents in research.

Every semester, several thousand students at Aalborg University collaborate with companies on projects. The students get a case, and as a project partner you get a bid for a solution to a given problem in your company. Aalborg University is known for working with problem-based learning and the students are used to a great deal of collaboration with the business community.

Benefits of project collaboration with AAU students

Aalborg University students have a high academic level, and a project collaboration gives you:

  • opportunity to add extra resources to solve many types of tasks
  • fresh input to and new eyes on current challenges or drawer projects with potential
  • access to the latest specialized knowledge in a wide range of relevant areas
Come up with your own assignment proposal

You now have the chance to get some of AAU´'s talented students on the team. In connection with projects at master's level, you have the opportunity to submit assignment proposals for the following fields of study:

For contact with other fields of study, write to mrk .: Study collaboration, DSN

Deadline for assignment proposals is at the end of June 2019

You can read much more about a project collaboration with Aalborg University at

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