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Danish Sound Cluster facilitates industry-driven innovation projects and applied research. The purpose is to support the development and creation of solutions to complex problems that can only be solved with the involvement of diverse expertise and fields of expertise. In the projects, companies and research and knowledge institutions collaborate interdisciplinary to gain more knowledge within a field.

Contact us to discuss your idea for a sound project!

We can help you define the project, find potential partners and give you sparring on filling in the application and budget. We can also answer questions about the requirements we set for granting funds for your project. 

Project manager Tinne Midtgaard – tel. 30 49 78 46


At least one Danish knowledge institution (a university or a GTS institute) and at least two Danish companies participate in each project. 

At least one of the participating companies must be an SME 

(This is how we define a SMV)

Foreign companies are also welcome to participate 


You can search broadly within the areas that Danish Sound Cluster works with:

Implementation of R&D activities, e.g. applied research, development and demonstration 

Preliminary projects and feasibility studies, as a prelude to a larger research and development project 

Identification of user needs and/or exploration of market opportunities  

Communication and knowledge sharing 


You can apply for support of DKK 100-300.000 to cover the knowledge institutions' salary costs.  

The companies contribute with working hours.

The collaboration partners in the project enter into a collaboration agreement, in which goals, success criteria and expected effects as well as rights to results for the project are clearly stated. 

Submit a short project description with budget and hourly budget and proposals for dissemination activities.

Download the application form HERE.


Submit your application before the end of each quarter. 

The secretariat and the steering group process the applications and provide answers approx. one month after the expiry of the deadline – however in August for applications in Q2. 

The project is to start in the following quarter.

The project must be completed no later than 6-12 months after you have been granted project funds 

Find mare info HERE on the allocation of projects under the Danish Sound Cluster and read more HERE about UFS’ Innovationskraft retningslinjer

Project funds from UFS are not subject to the EU rules on De Minimis state support 

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