Calculation, Assessment and Measurement of Sound inside Open Plan Offices

How do we create workplaces that are conducive to focused working, meetings and collaboration all at once? This was the hot topic at our event at The Royal Academy in March, where we gathered acousticians and architects to discuss the acoustics of open-plan offices. 

For this webinar, we will take a deep-dive into how to evaluate the acoustics of open-plan offices with prediction, simulation and measurement according to ISO 3382-3. 

Form: Oline Seminars

Date: 14 June 2023

Time: 15:00-16:30

Price: Free

Language: English

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Antonio Notario – “Prediction of sound in Open Plan Offices with Cadna R” 

Human speech is one of the most important "noise sources" in open plan offices, restaurants and other rooms where communication between people is important. With existing software techniques, it is possible to create computer models of such environments in the planning phase and to apply measures with an optimized layout to ensure that intelligibility is optimized according to clearly formulated targets. This presentation will discuss CadnaR's capabilities for assessing the acoustic quality in open-plan offices according to ISO 3382-3 as well as innovative methods which provide a more profound basis for any evaluation.

Patrick Hanebrink – Measurement of open-plan offices with the Nor850 platform from Norsonic

With the new room acoustics module for Nor850 Norsonic provides a complete measurement setup according to ISO 3382-3 for open plan offices. The combination of Nor850 together with the sound analyzer Nor145 and battery operated power amplifier Nor282 which are both WiFi-enabled gives a very flexible any easy-to-use measurement system. We will look into the requirements of ISO 3382-3 and also perform a demo measurement.

You will meet:

Antony Notary

Agricultural Engineer, Environmental Engineering Post-Graduate and Master. In Acoustics from the Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM). Working for DataKustik GmbH since 2012 as Head of Technical Training, Head of Marketing and International Business Manager.

Antony Notary – DataKustik GmbH

Patrick Hanebrink

M.Sc. in electrical engineering from the University of Paderborn (Germany) with a focus on digital signal processing and speech enhancement. Now working with Norsonic-Tippkemper since 2018 as sales engineer and additionally since 2022 as head of accredited calibration lab. Member of the German standardization committee for acoustic measurement equipment (sound level meters / calibrators / microphones) at DIN since 2020.

Patrick Hanebrink, Norsonic

Michael Trolle pious Vibracoustics and Jani Huhtala from Norsonic will be present to join the discussion, share their own experience and answer questions from the audience. 

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