Network for Talent Attraction - Meeting #6

Date: June 13, 2024

Time: 9:00 - 10:30

Language: English 

Format: Online - Teams

Price:Free for Danish Sound Cluster members

Why Talent Attraction?

For the second year, Danish Sound Cluster has established a "Talent Attraction" network, so that people in general - and talents in particular - get a better knowledge of the Danish sound ecosystem and the many opportunities for studies and jobs. The goal of the network is to ensure long-term innovation by:

  • Increase the number of new students for the studies in sound/acoustics at the educational institutions.
  • Increase the number of new talents to vacant positions in the sound industry.
Agenda - online
  • Welcome – brief introduction of any newcomers.
  • Since the last meeting
  • Possible presence for talent attraction campaign @ upcoming events:
    • 2024-11-05 Danish Sound Day
    • 2025-03-17++ DAGA 2025 Conference
    • Any relevant job fairs (please provide your input)
  • Open dialogue about next campaigns / videos / stories based on the needs from the last meeting:
    • Any ideas for new campaigns and how?
    • Themes / Stories / Cases?
    • Should marketing/PR colleagues be involved as resources?
  • Upcoming meeting
    • Proposal: Personal meeting in mid-September 2024. Host? Agenda?
The target group

The network is made up of key people from the audio industry who work with or have an interest in Employer Branding, for example HR, Communications, R&D line managers etc. If you work with Employer Branding, talent attraction and recruitment - then you should participate!


Do you have questions about or want to participate in the Talent Attraction network?
Contact Business Developer, Jens Nedergaard,, Tel: +45 31621315

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