The Danish Multidimensional Sound Scene

If you were looking to find the institutions that represent the Danish multidimensional sound scene in education, research, movie generation, theater production and more - you have arrived at the right place. Here you will find different Danish institutions, that will be happy to hear from you and tell you all about their contributions to the Danish multidimensional sound scene.

Aalborg University – CREATE

A sustainable, and livable society for all. We research and develop human centred designs and technology. We investigate the interaction between creativity, users and technology. We offer a wide range of courses in architecture, design and media technology in Aalborg and Copenhagen.

RESEARCH -Our research is centered around human interaction with the environment and how to design with that in mind – whether it's designing urban spaces, buildings, light, sounds, digital interfaces or completely new media technologies.

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Aarhus University – Department of Communication and Culture

Department of Digital Design and Information Science is among the strongest IT professional environments in Europe and attracts visiting researchers and PhD students from all over the world. We deal with information technology as part of people's everyday life and future. Therefore, we have a strong link between theory and practice and are involved in many national and international collaborations.

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Sonic College

Sonic College is a higher education for young people who want to use their musical talent to create a professional career as a sound designer within the media communication industry. Sonic College is a higher education at UC SOUTH for young people who want to use their musical talent to create a professional career as a sound designer within the media communication industry.

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The Royal Academy of Music

In addition to music education at the highest international level, the Academy also contributes to the development of art and culture in a number of other areas. RAMA has an extensive research and development program within music and music pedagogy and dissemination. As a cultural institution, RAMA also works with children and young people and with general cultural activities, including concert activities, publishing of music and books, organizing conferences and more. RAMA has a wide-ranging network of partners, both nationally and internationally, and in all areas of the Academy.

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The Royal Danish Academy of Music

The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen offers music education at the highest level. The wide range of courses at the Academy attracts a diversity of students, thereby creating an international study environment. RDAM educates musicians, singers, music pedagogues, church musicians, composers and tonemeisters to the highest level within a wide selection of subjects and specialties.

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Rytmisk Music Conservatory

MENU DA rmc's facade Who are we? Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) offers the most advanced education available in rhythmic contemporary music – a multifaceted concept that embraces widely diverse forms of expression in such genres as rock, pop, jazz, urban, metal and electronic music. . In addition to offering education at the highest level, RMC also conducts research and development work within the conservatory's core areasIn addition to providing music education at the highest level, RMC also operates research and development projects in the Conservatory’s core areas. 

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National Film School of Denmark

The Danish Film School was founded in 1966 and is Denmark's only state higher education within film and television production. We offer eight programs for the most dedicated film talents from the growth stage. Offers courses, masterclasses and other industry events via our continuing education for professionals who already work in the film, TV and games industry.


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

The laboratory for sound – The laboratory's facilities offer, among other things:
ProTools Studio with Ableton Live, Soundproof booth, Pro Tools Workstation with Ableton Live and MaxMsp, workshop room (for use for live improvisation, recording, research and as a listening room), oscilloscope, biofeedback equipment and other audio equipment
microphone equipment, mobile recording equipment, library, a room for smaller sound performances or sound presentations.


The Danish National School of Performing Arts

The Danish National School of Performing Arts is an artistic educational institution governed by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The school provides a modern artistic learning environment that nurtures new modes of thinking, artistic expressions, and social engagement. Artistic development company (KUV/Artistic Research) is a term for the knowledge and knowledge base that characterizes higher artistic education and which supplements knowledge from professional practice and academic research.


Danish National Academy of Music

SDMK - The Danish National Academy of Music is a higher educational institution under the Ministry of Culture Denmark offering music and music educational study programmes at the highest level. Furthermore, SDMK is tasked with developing and promoting its artistic area and the associated cultural life, among other things through artistic and pedagogical innovation.

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Danish Sound Cluster

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