Wind turbine noise – how do we balance the green transition?

An important piece in the transition to sustainable forms of energy is to increase Denmark's capacity for electricity from wind turbines. In general, there is broad support in the population for building more wind farms - as long as it does not take place in the backyard or disturb the sea view. Regardless of whether they are on land or in water, most wind turbine projects encounter local protests, where considerations of aesthetics, the environment, nature and – not least – noise pollution play important roles. Join this webinar and see wind turbine noise in a new perspective.

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Date: June 25, 2024

Time: 10.00 – 12.00

Format: Online Zoom

Price: free

Language: Danish

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You meet:


  • Municipal employees who have been involved in – or are going to work with – wind farms
  • Employees in the wind turbine industry
  • Local politicians
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Sound and acoustics professionals
  • Engineers


What noise limits, location requirements and regulations are there for noise from wind turbines - and what challenges do they pose for project planners as well as the citizens affected by the noise?

That will be the webinar's first presenter Lasse Månsson from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, while he will also present how to technically measure and calculate wind turbine noise, and comply with the applicable noise limits.

After that, we dive along Lars Søndergaard at the helm in a socio-acoustic study that FORCE Technology has carried out. A study that briefly aims to uncover whether there are special times or situations where you are more or less bothered by noise - and whether, with that knowledge, you can utilize it constructively and produce more power. Lars will share the conclusions and experiences the study has brought with it.

Professor and PhD Julia Kirkegaard will then, with a cultural and sociological perspective, take up a discussion of when sound – in the encounter with humans – becomes noise, thereby creating a greater and broader understanding of sound and our noise culture – with humans at the centre.

An open exchange of experiences and joint discussion is finally managed by the guest moderator of the day Rune Egedal, who will take questions from the webinar audience in attendance.

You meet:

Lasse Christner Månsson, Specialist consultant in noise at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Lasse is a civil engineer with acoustics and signal processing as a specialist area. He har the work with the development of silencers for exhaust systems and consultancy within room and building acoustics, external noise and infrastructure noise - with particular emphasis on technical details in calculations, measurements and communication to users.

Julia Kirch Kirkegaard, Associate Professor, PhD DTU Wind Energy & Energy Systems.

With a background in Science & Technology Studies (STS) and Economic Sociology, and previous positions at Stanford University, USA, Julia has published widely on issues relating to the energy transition, with a particular focus on wind energy and the need for more interdisciplinary research. Julia leads the Co-Green project (2021-2024), funded by Denmark's Free Research Foundation (DFF), which investigates controversies regarding wind energy and wind turbine noise. Julia has recently received two prestigious excellence grants from the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant 2024-2028) and the Independent Research Foundation Denmark's Sapere Aude program (2024-2027).

Lars Sommer Søndergaard, Senior specialist at FORCE Technology

Lars is a senior specialist at FORCE Technology in the department for Acoustics, Noise and Vibration. He graduated in 2006 with a specialization in acoustics from AAU, and has since worked with noise from wind turbines from many angles; this being both in the form of measuring source strength according to national or international methods, analysis and consultancy, development projects for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, participation in small and large research projects and as a participant in national and international standardization in order to maintain and develop measurement methods.

Rune Egedal, Team Leader at Sweco, Department Acoustica (MODERATOR)

Due to his extensive professional experience with sound and acoustics, Rune will be the moderator for the debate. 


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