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What is a cluster

A cluster is an open and neutral platform that facilitates collaborations, boosts partnerships and accelerates knowledge-based innovation to solve the big challenges of the future.

Based on the needs of the companies, the cluster takes leadership to drive sustainable growth and world-class innovation.

By bringing together actors across the board, the cluster addresses opportunities and challenges that one company, one knowledge institution, one municipality or one organization cannot solve alone.

Who are we

Danish Sound Cluster is the nationwide cluster organization for Denmark's sound industry. We work to improve people's quality of life through innovative sound solutions. Our goal is to ensure that by 2025, Denmark will be among the world's 3 best suppliers of sound-related products and solutions. 

Sound technology is one of Denmark's strongest tech areas. In order to maintain and develop that position, industry players must work together. As a member organization, we facilitate collaboration and innovation across the audio industry. We work with the associated knowledge institutions and research environments, and strengthen knowledge sharing and professional networks. In addition, we support entrepreneurship and international partnerships.

We are organized as a member-based association with an annual general meeting, a Board of Directors and a secretariat, which ensures the innovation activities on a daily basis.

Our activities

Danish Sound Cluster

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