Say hello to Danish Sound Cluster

The attentive reader has already seen that the ‘Sound Network’ has changed its name to Danish Sound Cluster. “Why?” you’re probably thinking. The short answer is that Danish Sound Cluster is the new national sound cluster in Denmark.

The slightly longer answer is that the Danish Sound Cluster has just applied to the Ministry of Education and Research and the Danish Business Promotion Board (Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse) to establish a national sound cluster under the cluster program “Innovationskraft: Danske klynger for viden og erhverv 2021-2024

We have applied for funding to intensify our efforts by strengthening the Danish Sound Cluster with employees in Eastern and Western Denmark and most importantly, to carry out cluster activities based on the challenges and needs of the sound industry.

The cluster effort is focused by linking the industry’s sound technological strengths with new emerging areas of application, where the sound industry can solve some of the global societal challenges and at the same time create growth in its own industry. Read more about the sound technology positions of strength, new emerging applications and the six types of cluster activities here …

We expect to have a response to our application in September, where action plans for specific cluster activities will subsequently be made. In this connection, we need to involve you so that we can plan the right activities that provide the most value in relation to the current challenges and needs of the cluster. We will continuously inform you about the process and hope that you will contribute with input.

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