SmartCityTech mission to the US

16 September, 2019 - 21 September, 2019 | EUR2000

By September, you have the opportunity to go to New York and Boston with 40-50 other European companies. The trip is planned and implemented by SmartCity Tech in collaboration with 15 other European clusters – including Danish Sound Network.


By participating in this mission you will be able to develop your business in the United States by meeting relevant American partners and business stakeholders through B2B meetings, presentation of public tenders and conference pitching.

You will be part of a large European smart city and cleantech delegation attending tailor-made events in New York City and Boston. Your company will be introduced to stakeholders in smart city and cleantech projects in New York City as well as in other cities in New York state, such as Albany, Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo.

The last two days you will be exposed to hundreds of potential business partners at the Horizon 19 conference in Boston, where the mission will have a common pitching area. In addition, you will have the opportunity to make business connections within the 40 European companies participating in the mission.

Please contact Kristian Krämer, for more information.