Future of HI-FI

Project title: Future of HI-FI


The Future of Hi-Fi” collaboration project harmoniously brings together the distinctive strengths of three innovative start-ups: Clang (now The real Sound Company), Componental, and VibroAcoustics. This collaborative effort seeks to gently reshape the prevailing stereo paradigm within the Hi-Fi domain by incorporating Clang’s sound field technology, VibroAcoustics’ vibrotactile speakers, and Componental’s multi-channel audio tool. 

The primary goal is to inspire and reinvent the conventional understanding of sound distribution in a space, enabling a profound Hi-Fi experience for multiple users rather than confining it to a single sweet spot for one or two individuals.  

While exploring the High-End fair, a market filled with intriguing gadgets, signalling a technologically dynamic landscape. However, no one has ventured into a comprehensive rethinking of the future of Hi-Fi. 

This collaboration aims to fill this gap by conceiving and assembling a forward-thinking Hi-Fi setup that embraces immersive technologies.  

The intention is to collaborate on an innovative HI-FI installation which contribution from each of the collaboration partners to be presented at the High-End fair and capture attention in this market. The project aims to showcase a groundbreaking and playful setup that sets a new standard for the music listening experience through immersive and accessible technologies. 


Start: 1 April 2023
End: 14 August 2023

Partners Industry:

The Real Sound Company




Funded by:

Danish Sound Cluster contact person:

Project Manager Tinne Midtgaard, tm@danishsound.org – tlf. 3049 7846

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