Project title: Harmony3


“Harmony3” is a groundbreaking collaborative project that merges the innovative capabilities of Vibro Acoustic, SoundWheel, and MUSEIQ to create a holistic and transformative experience in the realm of music for dementia care. This partnership aims to harness the emotional and therapeutic potential of music to enhance the lives of individuals living with dementia, promoting mental well-being, and fostering deeper connections with their surroundings. 

Project objectives:

Enhancing Music Therapy through VibroAcoustics: Vibro Acoustic’s expertise in merging audible and physical sensations will be applied to develop a tailored music therapy approach for dementia patients. By intertwining sound vibrations with music selections that evoke positive memories and emotions, this innovative technique aims to alleviate anxiety, reduce agitation, and enhance overall cognitive function. 

Elevating Mindfulness with SoundWheel Meditations: SoundWheel’s dynamic and progressive music meditations will be adapted to meet the unique needs of dementia patients. These sessions, carefully crafted to guide users toward a state of calm and reflection, will serve as a supportive tool for caregivers and individuals alike, facilitating moments of respite and emotional connection. 

Fair and Transparent Music Streaming via MUSEIQ: MUSEIQ’s commitment to fairness and transparency in music streaming aligns seamlessly with the project’s goals. The platform will curate a specialized collection of music, catering to the preferences and memories of individuals with dementia. Through MUSEIQ’s interactive interface, users and their caregivers can collaboratively create playlists that resonate with their personal experiences, fostering engagement and positive emotions.” 


Start: 1 July 2023
End: 10 August 2023

Partners Industry:




MuseIQ Canva

Funded by:

Danish Sound Cluster contact person:

Project Manager Tinne Midtgaard, tm@danishsound.org – tlf. 3049 7846

Danish Sound Cluster

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