Make listening safe

6 October, 2021 @ 15.00 - 17.00

Excessive noise is detrimental to your hearing! Yet in the event industry, excessive noise is called “music” and it is a fundamental requirement from the audience. Hear from the experts about the WHO recommendations for headphones, amplifiers and live events, the current status of the industry, and some of the tools that are available to help us protect listeners. 

Form: webinar

Date: 6 October 2021

Place: Online via Zoom
Time: 15.00 – 17.00

Price: free

Language: English

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  • Shelly Chadhas from the WHO will speak about the WHO’s guidelines and Mark Laureyns will speak about the initiatives they have worked on in the “Make Listening Safe” Workgroup. 
  • Jacob Navne Van Vliet will give you food for thought on how we ensure a healthy balance and look at the status quo on legislation, or lack thereof, to support events being possible.

    You will also be given a quick overview of 10EaZy, a measurement tool that has become one of the industry standards to help sound operators remain at reasonable sound levels for events of all sizes.

  • Marcel Kok will speak about his experience of managing sound for large events and the measurement systems he uses to do so.
  • Dorte Hammershøi will be the moderator for today

Participant profile:

  • Anyone who owns a pair of headphones
  • Anyone who lives in a city
  • Those working in the live event industry
  • Product manufacturers
You will meet:

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Dorte Hammershøi has a MScEE and a PhD from Aalborg University. She is now a professor there, working in the field of human sound perception with special reference to electro-acoustic applications, incl. audiometric calibration, oto-acoustic emissions, hearing damage & rehabilitation, spatial hearing, and measurement of noise sources. From 1996-2004 she was a member of the ISO TC 43/WG 6, which developed the ISO 11904 series. She is the chairman of the upcoming BNAM/EuroRegio 2022 conference and leads the Danish collaboration project on better hearing rehabilitation (BEAR).

Mark Laureyns is the co-chairman of the Make Listening Safe Workgroup at the WHO and the president of the AEA – the European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals. He works as lecturer at Thomas More University and Medical Scientific Research Manager at Amplifon in Milan. 

Marcel Kok is the founder of the dutch company, dB Control, which offers specialized consultancy in sound level control for large events.

Jacob Navne-Van Vliet has a background in live sound, having worked as the executive production manager at Vega for 5 years. He developed the innovative software and hardware solution 10EaZy, that provides audio professionals with the tools for greater system analysis, optimization and control.  Jacob is currently the Head of Customer and Market Insights at Sennheiser, where he has worked for the past 8 years. 

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