SoundWheel: Usage, wellbeing and user engagement

Project title:

SoundWheel: Usage, wellbeing and user engagement.


According to recent research, in 2024 approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will be suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and related mental health issues. There is an urgent need for acceptable interventions, which are affordable, easy to access and non-pharmaceutical.
SoundWheel’s solution for music meditation offers promising results in this regard, as documented by early phase research. A study at Brunel University in the Spring of 2023 documented the significant potentials of the SoundWheel app, particularly, as a means of facilitating emotionally embodied states for users in a UK environment. The study results demonstrated the need for further, systematic empirical research.
The knowledge institution conducting this innovation project is Aarhus University, School of Communication
and Culture. Industrial partners are SoundWheel and Involved, who will contribute app access, user data along with a framework for knowledge exchange in relation to the SoundWheel solution (see component 3).


The project aims to deliver on the following research objectives:

1) To examine the relationship between SoundWheel usage and wellbeing outcomes. Specifically, (a) to investigate the experiences and perceptions of SoundWheel users regarding its impact on mental health; and (b) to explore situated and material aspects of SoundWheel usage and how they contribute
to user experience.
2) To explore possibilities of online user engagement in data collection (re objective 1). Specifically, to explore the potentials of collaborative knowledge-exchange and evaluation as pioneered by Involved.


Start: 1 January 2024
End: 30 November 2024
Funding: 350.000 DKK

Lead Research:

Aarhus University

Mads Krogh, Insitut for Kommuinkation og Kultur – Musikvidenskab

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Danish Sound Cluster professional focus area: Healthcare and Welfare


Funded by:

Danish Sound Cluster contact person:

Project Manager Tinne Midtgaard, – tlf. 3049 7846

Danish Sound Cluster

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