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Tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft dominate the development of Artificial Intelligence, AI, technology. However, when it comes to development and roll-out of applications of AI, several Danish major players in the audio industry are at the forefront worldwide – most notably in the fields of hearing aids and headsets. Tune into this webinar to learn more about the state of the nation on AI in audio in some of the lead Danish audio companies. 

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Form: webinar

Date: 13 December 2022

Time: 15.00 – 16.30

Place: Online via Zoom

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Language: English

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  • Machine learning/ AI Engineers 
  • DSP Engineers 
  • Researchers 
  • Acoustics engineers 
  • Acousticians 
  • Electronics Engineers 
  • Audiologists 
  • Technical Audiologists 
  • Audio/ Sound engineers 
  • Electronics Hobbyists 
  • Hearing aid users 
  • Audio Enthusiasts 
  • Audiophiles 

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In the fields of hearing aids and headsets, mostly dominated by Danish companies in the world scene, AI is employed to offer unprecedent solutions and carve its way into staying ahead of anything available in the market. Partnering with the leading Hi-Tech companies and exploring the unique and high level of competence in AI in Danish universities, AI is taken to new levels and is being successfully deployed in different applications. This session will dive into the success of AI applications in audio applications through case stories garnered with visionary strategy. More specifically, the topics of this webinar will be: 

  • How AI improves speech recognition 
  • Data driven AI based algorithm for speech enhancement 
  • Present and future applications of AI in hearing aids 

Birger Schneider, Chairman of the board, Danish Sound Cluster

Birger Schneider was founder (1992), owner, and CEO of microLEX Systems, a focused company for test products and test system integration. Products and solutions of the company included VideoMASTER, a highly popular test solution for video products, HearMASTER, a tool solution for hearing aid test and general audio test, as well as several other dedicated solutions for tests of printed circuit boards, microelectronic products, etc. After 16 years as an independent company, supplying test solutions to not least large companies in the USA, Mexico, Asia and Europe, Birger Schneider sold microLEX Systems to National Instruments (NI) in early 2008.

Birger Schneider, Chairman of the Board @ Danish Sound Cluster

Torben Christiansen, Director of Technology at EPOS 

Torben is a part of the Research and Development management team and his role is to ensure EPOS has the right technologies available for all products in all segments by leveraging technology from within Demant A/S, partnering with relevant technology providers and scouting across all cross-competencies for relevant technology. He then funnel the know-how into the technology, which will then end-up being integrated in EPOS premium products. 
Torben’s drive comes from the trust of his manager and the way EPOS provides opportunities and encourages him to do what he does best. He has had the opportunity to work and contribute in many different areas within EPOS for the last 21 years. 

Torben Christiansen, EPOS

Clément Laroche, Senior Research Scientist at GN Audio 

Clément Laroche is a senior research scientist at the Audio Research group in GN Audio/ Jabra. Clément is particularly passionate about machine learning and DSP algorithms for speech enhancement. Ph.D. in computer science & ML.  

His goal is to improve the voice pickup quality by combining machine learning and traditional DSP algorithms. He graduated from Télécom Paris in 2017 with a PhD in computer science, signal processing and machine learning. 

Clément Laroche, GN Audio

Lars Bramsløw, Senior Scientist at Eriksholm Research Centre 

Lars is a research engineer and project manager with the Augmented Hearing research group at Eriksholm Research Center (part of the Demant group). Lars is known in the field for his ambitious, thorough approach and has worked in several advanced concepts and research topics over the years. Lars leverages his experience to manage collaborators and different projects done at Eriksholm. His dream and highest motivation is to make the world’s best hearing aid. 

Lars started in Eriksholm in 1991 where he did his PhD in sound quality in hearing aids, predicting and modelling sound quality in hearing aids. After that, he left the company for a few years to do other things on Danish radio among other ventures. In 2000, Lars came back to the Oticon headquarters, and worked with audiology development for hearing aids until 2012. After 2012, he returned to Eriksholm to do what he does today – more in-depth and independent research and concepts in the hearing field. 

Lars Bramsløw, Eriksholm Research Centre

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