Online Startup Network Meeting


Date: 20 February 2024

Time: 15.00 – 16.00

Format: Online Teams, meeting link will be sent 19 February

Language: English

Price: Free – but  you can support our work by signing a  Danish Sound Cluster  membership 


Join the first startup network meeting of 2024. Meet project manager Tinne Midtgaard from Danish Sound Cluster and interact with former participants in the “Beyond Beta React” Startup Program. At the event, you will hear what to expect when you participate in the Beyond Beta Startup Program and find out how it could help advance your startup.

You will meet:  

The Real Sound Company (Lars Graugaard and Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen) 

Componental (Rasmus Kjærbo) 

eXistential AI (Anna Kierkegaard) 

Tinne Midtgaard, Danish Sound Cluster 


  • Welcome by Tinne Midtgaard, Danish Sound Cluster 
  • Short introduction round
  • Information about the new Beyond Beta Startup Program 
  • Open dialogue with startup founders who joined the program in 2022 and 2023. 

Questions and reflections are welcome along the way. You will receive more information per email after the meeting. 


If you have questions about:  

    • Signing up, please contact Murielle De Smedt -  
    • The content of this network meeting or the profile fit of your startup, please contact Tinne Midtgaard  –

Participants in this event automatically permit Danish Sound Cluster to use pictures and videos from the event in marketing material that promotes cluster activities. Please contact Murielle De Smedt ( in case you want to withdraw your permittance.

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationskraft, which is funded by the Danish Business Promotion Board and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft 

Danish Sound Cluster

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