Exploring the Sounds of Mars

NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover took off on July 30, 2020 for a seven-month journey to the mysterious Red Planet. It touched down successfully on February 18, 2021 with a DPA 4006 Omnidirectional, an MMA-A Digital Audio Interface and an MMP-G Modular Active Cable in tow.

Join DPA for this extraterrestrial webinar where we will hear recordings and videos from their 2020 mission. DPA’s 4006 omni microphone was successfully used to record sound in this hostile environment, and transmit it back to NASA’s base station.

Image: DPA Microphones

Form: webinar

Date: 17 May 2023

Time: 15.00 – 16.30

Place: Online via Zoom

Price: free

Language: English

If you have questions about signing up, please contact Murielle De Smedt, mds@danishsound.dk


Remember to have your best headphones ready so you can fully immerse yourself in the Martian sonic landscape 👽

You will meet:

Participant profile:

  • Researchers
  • Robotics engineers
  • Acoustics engineers
  • Acousticians
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Machine learning/ AI Engineers
  • DSP Engineers
  • Audio/ Sound engineers
  • Audio Enthusiasts
  • Astronauts



Everything about the mission — from the launch to the landing — is hostile, insofar as a microphone is generally concerned. And yet DPA was able to record something from so many millions of miles away! After the rover touched down, audio and video files were recorded from the surface and transmitted to NASA’s base station. NASA sent these files to DPA’s engineering team for processing and review. 


Predicting the sound & microphone performance on the red planet – Toni Rosell

Technology manager Toni got to work trying to understand the acoustics on Mars, e.g. pitch, propagation etc., based on parameters from previous visits. The most challenging part was predicting the behavior of the microphone on extraterrestrial conditions. Trying to understand an environment that us mere Earthlings had never had sound from before, was something completely different from his normal job.


Ensuring the gear would survive – Rune Møller

The DPA microphone, amplifier and A/D interface simply had to fit the mechanical challenges given by JPL NASA. Amazingly, it was possible to use the DPA microphone system right off the shelf, but after discussions with NASA, it was decided to take extra care around surface treatments and unnecessary decorative elements. This was both to avoid polluting the planet and to reduce weight. Mickey Mouse ears were added to our amplifier, so it could be attached to the port side of the Rover.


Preparing the audio recordings for public presentation – no pressure Eddy! 

Getting digital files containing sound from Mars and being one of the first humans to hear what Mars sounds like was exciting. And then, listening to the recording and determining what processing would be adequate was special. Final decision: Preparing two versions: One version containing the sound of the nuclear engine and martian winds. And one version, just blowing in the wind.


René Mørch will share anecdotes, pictures and video content from the mission and moderate this webinar. 

Toni Torras Rosell, Technology manager – Acoustics, Ph.D.

Toni holds an Industrial PhD from DTU with DFM as industrial partner investigating the characterization of sound by means of the acousto-optic effect, that is, the interaction between sound and light. Toni has worked as a researcher in acoustics and nanotechnology and is now part of the R&D department of DPA Microphones designing and modelling new microphone capsules as well as optimizing production processes.


Toni Torras Rosell

Rune Møller,  Design & Innovation Manager.

M.Sc. Engineering from DTU Lyngby – Master Thesis in aero dynamics.

Carrier in product development – firstly as Mechanical Design. Later in the role as Design & Innovation manager having a focus on user centered design, conceptualization and industrial functional design – of mechanical solutions.

Rune Møller

Eddy B. Brixen, Audio Specialist

Eddy B. Brixen received his education in electronic engineering from Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Copenhagen Engineering College, and the Technical University of Denmark. Major activities include room acoustics, electro-acoustic design, and audio forensics. He is a consultant with – and the owner of – EBB-consult, an Audio Specialist with DPA Microphones and an Associate Professor with the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Eddy is the author of several textbooks on audio of which “Audio Metering” published by Focal Press is one. 

Eddy B. Brixen

René Mørch

René is the director of product management at DPA, and the moderator for this event. He was the direct interface between DPA and JPL/NASA for the Mission. 

René Mørch

This event was created in collaboration with IDA – The Danish Association of Engineers. The participant list of this event will be shared with IDA for statistical use only. 

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the Innovation Power Project, which is funded by the Danish Business Promotion Board and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft  HERE

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