The Power of the Human Voice

Exploring hidden layers of meaning

Are our voices alone able to influence the decisions, opinions and, ultimately, the actions of others?

In this webinar we aim to explore the power of the human voice, the information and data it gives, and how it subconsciously affects other human beings.

Furthermore, we will dive into how the voice alone can provide information to detect physical and mental illness with AI.

Photo: Unsplash Patrick Fore

Date: 7 May

Time: 15.00 – 16.30

Form: Online Zoom

Price: Free

Language: English

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You will meet:

  • Oliver Niebuhr, Ass. Professor of Communication and Innovation at Southern University of Denmark (SDU)

  • Björn Schuller, Co-founder & CEO at AudEERING

Participant profile: 

Hearing aid professionals, audiologists, audio engineers, health professionals, speech researchers, communication professionals.


Ass. Prof. Oliver Niebuhr will be providing us with an interdisciplinary overview of scientifically obtained vocal-charisma effects and proceed to outline what the – partly gender-specific – acoustic ingredients of vocal charisma are and how we can measure, train, and improve them. The presentation will be wrapped up with an insight into Acoustic Voice Profiling®, i.e. an assessment and training approach that was originally developed for entrepreneurs at SDU and since has been used by and sold to companies and educational institutions in five different countries through the SDU spin-off company AllGoodSpeakers ApS.


Full Prof. Björn Schuller will be delving into the captivating intersection of AI and human vocal communication and explore how deep learning transcends traditional computational speech analysis. Over more than two decades, we witnessed how advanced algorithms discern sentiments, detect emotions, recognize health, physical and cognitive states, and traits such as personality and speaker shape, and unveil hidden intentions, going beyond explicit content.

From prosody analysis to individual voice fingerprints, we will discuss and discover this transformative potential of technology in understanding the unspoken layers of communication and technology behind the scenes. Real-world applications range from revolutionizing human-computer interaction to enhancing health diagnostics. Ultimately, we will peak into the future, where AI deciphers the rich tapestry of meaning encapsulated within every spoken syllable, revealing the untold stories that echo within the human voice.

You will meet:

Oliver Niebuhr is Associate Professor of Communication and Innovation at the Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE) at the Dept. of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). He is the head of the CIE Acoustics Lab. In 2017, he founded the Danish speech-technology company AllGoodSpeakers ApS.

Björn Schuller is Full Professor and head of the Chair of Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing at the University of Augsburg/Germany, as well as Professor of Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. Furthermore, he is the co-founding CEO of audEERING GmbH – a TUM scale-up on intelligent audio engineering.

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the Innovation Power Project, which is funded by the Danish Business Promotion Board and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft  HERE

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