Danish Sound Day 2021

November 17 - 8:30 -18:00

Aalborg University Copenhagen
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 København

Don’t miss our annual audio conference!

Join this event together with professionals and enthusiasts from all fields of the audio tech landscape. Expect interesting talks from the research, business, tech and art worlds, as well as pitches, demos, exhibitions and sound performances. Meet new people and strengthen your network with colleagues from all corners of the sound industry. 

We invite entrepreneurs, researchers, directors, investors, teachers, tech people, students and artists from the innovation sector to participate in meaningful discussions on challenges that require cross-functional solutions. 


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Registration & Breakfast


Welcome to Danish Sound Day from our host Paul Tyler, our director Torben Vilsgaard, and the chairman of the board, Birger Schneider. 

We welcome back our favourite host Paul Tyler to announce, moderate and entertain. 


Key Note

With technology comes power – with power comes responsibility. A view to the past and why the importance of responsible use of technology in the future should be an ever increasing demand in securing society at large and mankind in particular.


Track 1

Using AI in audio signal processing to reduce cognitive load and improve the user experience.

Torben Christiansen, Director of Technology, EPOS


Track 2

Neighbour noise annoyance in multi-storey housing – Why does it happen? How does it affect our health and what are the implications for home life? Are there solutions?

Birgit Rasmussen, Senior Researcher, Aalborg Univeristy, BUILD





Get a sneak peek into the future of hearing, and the secret sauce for how to innovate at speed and accelerate for growth. What are the biggest pitfalls? How do you create an innovation-friendly culture?

Line Lyst, Chief Entrepreneur at GN Group


Track 1

During video game production there is often so much content to be made and so little time – even before an actual game is playable, prototyping and efficiency becomes key. The understanding of working blindly is crucial.

Bjørn Jacobsen, Sound Supervisor at Cujo Sound


Track 2

Emerging technologies for sound simulation and virtual sound rendering – new advanced acoustic simulations methods, cloud computing and virtual acoustics are revolutionizing how we approach designing acoustics, audio and mitigating noise.




Startup Pitch Battle

Listen in as 3 of the most innovative Danish startups compete in this pitch battle.

Our panel of judges is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and business strategy advisors.


Auricle by Pedro Costa

IDUN Audio by Pauli Minnaar

Keybird Instruments by Lander Pinson.

Jury: Jan Abildgaard Pedersen, Tommy Andersen and Peter Petersen


Entrepreneur Story

Hear the story of SOUNDBOKS that wasn’t told in the media – how the company almost died for 18 months – and what did they learn from it?

Jesper Theil Thomsen, CEO & Cofounder Soundboks


Track 1

Jan Skoglund will speak about audio quality, speech intelligibility and evaluation methods. His background as a software engineer, manager, researcher and musician makes him a perfect fit for today’s program. 

Jan Skoglund, Staff Software Engineer, Google


Track 2

Building bridges between clinicians and engineers within audiology – Abigail Anne KressnerDTU & The Centre for Hearing & Balance, Rigshospitalet 

Abigail Anne Kressner, Assistant Professor DTU, Rigshospitalet




Research Pitch Battle

Hear from the most promising Masters and PhD and post doc researchers at Danish Universities.

Download the Slido app to vote for your favourite researcher.


“DuoRhythmo: A collaborative accessible digital musical interface (CADMI) for people

living with ALS (PALS) ” by Master stud. Truls Bendik Tjemsland et al. (AAU)

“Probabilistic deep learning for hearing aid speech separation” by Industrial Ph.D. stud. Rasmus Høgh (DTU / WS Audiology)

“Vibrotactile augmentation of music for postlingual cochlear implant users” by Ph.D student Razvan Paisa, AAU.

Jury: Cheol-Ho Jeong, DTU Electrical Engineering, Søren Kamaric Riis, Oticon Medical and Jesper Bünsow Boldt, GN Group



Mikkel and Nicolas will speak about their process and experience working on the Oscar-winning film “The Sound of Metal” 

Mikkel will join us in person and Nicolas will attend virtually.

Mikkel E.G. Nielsen, Film editor

Nicolas Becker, Sound Designer




Prize Ceremony

Winners of the research pitch battle and the startup pitch battle will receive feedback from our expert jury and the prizes will be awarded.

This year’s prizes have been sponsored by Jabra and EPOS.


Årets Lydpris og Farvel

The “Annual Sound Prize” will be awarded. There is still time to vote. Click here for more info and write to us with your nomination. 

The Danish Sound Cluster will wrap up the day’s programme and you will be welcome to stay for a refreshing beer, music, sound installations and product demonstrations. 


Music & Bar

Enjoy the live music from the pianist PJ Fossum and his bassist Rafał Różalski. PJ will perform on the amazing lightweight acoustic piano from a local startup, Keybird

We will be serving cold beers from Amagerbryghus and organic bubbles. You are welcome to stay until the bar runs dry!

Other Activities

Sound Installation

“An Invisible Choreography” by Yann Coppier. 

An installation by sound artist Yann Coppier, as a development from his artistic research on Absurd Sounds in collaboration with Den Danske Scenekunstskole, which was published on Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) in 2021. 

Walk around and enjoy a non-anthropocentric point of view: it is not about where you are, it is a space talking to another space.

Yann Coppier, sound artist at Studio Ovale


Take part in live voting at the event for the research and startup battles. 

Simply download the app “Slido” and enter the event code: #055180

Company Stands

Take a moment to visit the company stands.

Sound Hub Denmark – Sound technology & innovation growth hub

EPOS audio – headsets for gaming and enterprise, sound cards and microphones for streaming

Symbion – Coworking Space also know as “Lydens Hus”

Vibrakustik / Norsonic – Sound & Vibration Measurement Solutions


Treble Technologies – Wave-based sound simulation for the AEC industry

Kinovox – loudspeakers, microphones and more

Comsol – software for multiphysics simulation

GOmeasure – supplier of test and measurement equipment


When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationskraft, which is funded by Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse and Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft 

Danish Sound Cluster

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