Submit your favorite nominee for the Danish Sound Award 2022!

Nomination of relevant candidates for the annual sound prize is open now. 

The Danish Sound Award is given to innovative companies and individuals that are driving innovation in the Danish sound industry. The prize is initiated to shed light on the globally outstanding Danish expertise within the field of sound. 

Sponsor: Struer City of Sound 

The selection criteria for the Danish Sound Prize award 

The Danish Sound Prize is awarded to one or more persons. The recipient(s): 

  • Has rethought the use and understanding of sound, or in some other way further developed and strengthened Denmark’s position as a leader in the field of sound 
  • Can be a company, artist, knowledge institution, researcher or someone else who has contributed to the community with completely new paths in the use of sound 
  • Can also be a company, artist, knowledge institution, researcher or someone else who has done something extraordinary to expose Danish sound expertise at the international scene 

Process for awarding the prize 

  • Everyone in the sound community can nominate candidates  
  • Names of candidates are submitted to Please remember to add a brief justification based on the criteria above 
  • The Danish Sound Cluster executive committee evaluates and selects the winner 
  • Deadline for nomination is October 10th 
  • The Danish Sound Award is announced at Danish Sound Cluster platforms, Lydens By and other relevant channels 

Former recipients of the Danish Sound Prize 

The Danish Sound Award has been awarded since 2015. The Sound Award has been awarded to: 

Peter Lyngdorf, 2015 

Flemming Madsen and Jan Voetmann, 2016 

Peter Vuust, 2017 

Jan Larsen, 2018 

Torsten Dau, 2019 

Dorte Hammershøi and Stefania Serafin, 2020 and 2021 

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