White paper: Music Interventions in Health Care

About this publication

With this white paper on ‘Music Intervention in Health Care’, we hope to provide an overview of existing evidence that may facilitate applications of music and the development of novel technologies that can assist music intervention in the healthcare sector in Denmark as well as internationally.

This publication is written by Kira Vibe Jespersen, Line Gebauer and Peter Vuust and published by Center for Music in the Brain, Aarhus University. It is the result of an innovation project supported by the Danish Sound Cluster through a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The following project participants have provided in-kind contributions: WS Audiology (represented by Jakob Nielsen and Sueli Caporali), Oticon Medical (represented by Kathleen Faulkner Scalzo and Marianna Vatti) and SoundFocus (represented by Søren Nielsen and Kim Rishøj). Copyright of the publication belongs to the authors.

Danish Sound Cluster

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