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The field of developing acoustic materials is growing rapidly. Established companies, entrepreneurs and researchers are working to create solutions for better room acoustics and noise reduction. At the same time, efforts are being made to ensure that these materials are also sustainable and work well in terms of design/aesthetics, and the effort appeals to dedicated industry professionals with often very different professional backgrounds. Despite a high level of knowledge and beautiful products, far from everyone in the industry has access to technical and professional knowledge about acoustics, about the nature of materials and about how to document sustainability. This network group is an attempt to bring these professionals together, to meet a demand for a skills boost and exchange of experience in the field.


This network group is for you who are in a key role in a company that works to develop and produce acoustic materials for ceiling/wall/floor, decorative elements, furniture, other building materials, etc. You want to contribute to qualifying and increasing the knowledge you have about materials, acoustics and sustainability in your company, its products and processes, and in the industry as a whole. You enter the network with a desire to share knowledge and experiences with like-minded people.

The network is targeted at profiles without an engineering background.

Purpose of the group

  • Increase the technical-professional level of knowledge about acoustics – for people without an engineering background 
  • Provide knowledge about materials and their properties 
  • Introduce sustainability as a theme and how to measure it 
  • Documentation and data on materials 
  • Create networks across the industry - between large and small companies, startups and knowledge institutions 
  • Start joint projects (surveys, demonstrations, etc.). 
  • Work to create easier access to testing facilities 


We imagine working with questions such as:

  • Introduction to the subject field 
  • Information about what the industry (e.g. consulting engineers) needs. What are the needs, depending on the industry: home, industry, office, outdoor space, noise barriers for roads, industrial noise? 
  • Basic acoustics - what different absorbers do: membranes, resonant absorbers, porous absorbers - "do's and don'ts" 
  • Basic material knowledge 
  • Sustainability: By which parameters do we measure when it comes to materials? What problems should be paid attention to? How do you document your products as "green" or otherwise sustainable? 
  • Legal requirements: strength, fire safety, insulating ability and their impact on human health. 
  • Voluntary sustainability class: Room acoustics and noise from ventilation 
  • Standards (also international) and measurements: What options are there for measurements – and what is the quality of measurements? What are the applicable standards for measurements, and what methods exist for making measurements yourself in the development phase?.. 
  • Aesthetic considerations and dilemmas 
  • Additional purchase: Basic acoustics - course days 

Speakers and professional sparring partners

  • Experts in materials from leading educational and research institutions (Fx The Royal Academy, DTU, Aalborg University, Performing Arts School, Zealand and VIA University Colleges etc.)
  • Leading industrialists from the construction and consultancy sector
  • Speakers from the construction cluster "We Build Denmark"
  • Experts from Danish Standard, Norwegian Building Research, etc. others
  • Instructors in acoustics from Force Technology (course, additional purchase)

What will you get out of this?   

You get access to a close and confidential network and mutual inspiration together with professionals who, like you, work to create solutions for better acoustics in urban spaces, offices and homes. As a group member, you help shape and prioritize the academic subjects, as well as which courses we may offer cooperatively. The specific themes are agreed from time to time to ensure that the meetings are relevant and topical. 


Entry fee

0 DKK for paying member companies of the Danish Sound Cluster

5.000 DKK ex. VAT per person for non-members.


Knowledge center on the climate impacts of buildings 

Honors class: Noise from ventilation and room acoustics 

The participation fee is charged once a year; in the first year you are charged per. commenced quarter.

For questions about the network, please contact the network facilitator

Sine Lomholt Thomsen, – tel. 3013 6093

Network meetings

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationskraft which is funded by the Danish Board of Business Development and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft HERE

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