Webinar: Music Interventions in Health Care

Music can impact our auditory environment, affective states, behavior and physiology, and these effects can be utilized to improve patient care. Our guests are at the forefront of research within Music in Health Care and have just released an updated whitepaper with the latest and greatest research within the field. This webinar provides an up-to-date overview of the research in the field and touches upon the latest innovative solutions that can benefit both patients and society.

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Form: webinar

Date: 14 September 2022

Time: 15.00 – 16.30

Place: Online via Zoom

Price: free

Language: English

If you have questions about signing up, please contact Murielle De Smedt, mds@danishsound.org

Participant profile:

  • Audiologists
  • Researchers
  • Acoustic, DSP and Sound Engineers
  • ENT doctors
  • Hearing Impaired patients
  • Hearing Associations
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The growing interest in the potential of music as an innovative intervention in health care is seen worldwide. Research suggests that music can help target common challenges in health care such as pain, anxiety and insomnia without causing negative side-effects and with relatively low costs. With an increased life-time expectancy, there is a greater need for safe and low-cost interventions in health care to address the needs of the patients now and in the future. The guests at this webinar will share the latest state-of-the-art knowledge on how music impacts us as human beings and provides an overview of how these effects can be used as evidence-based interventions in health care settings.

Link to the White Paper “Music Interventions in Health Care”: here

Kira Vibe Jespersen, PhD, is a MSc in psychology with an additional BA in Music Therapy. She holds a PhD in health sciences from Aarhus University, where she is now Assistant Professor at the Danish National Research Foundation’s Center of Excellence for Music in the Brain. Her research focus on clinical applications of music with a particular interest in the effect of music on sleep and the potential use of music for insomnia. As part of her research she evaluates both the effect of music interventions and aims to unravel some of the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying these effect.

Kira Vibe Jespersen, Assistant Professor @ Aarhus University

Peter Vuust is a unique combination of a renowned scientist and a world class musician. As a researcher, he is Denmark’s leading expert in the field of music and the brain – a research field he has single-handedly built up as leader of the group Music In the Brain. He is internationally recognised, widely quoted and received in October 2014 DKK 52 million and in August 2020 DKK 46 million from the Danish National Research Foundation’s centre to found the Center for Music In the Brain.

Peter Vuust, Professor @ Aarhus University

Kathleen Faulkner, PhD, has worked with individuals with hearing loss for over 20 years. In particular, she has worked closely with cochlear implant patients both as a clinical audiologist and as an academic and industry research scientist. Her research is motivated by her clinical background and focuses on better understanding the enormous variability in outcome and benefit for patients who use cochlear implants. In her current role, she is responsible for carrying out clinical research studies in collaboration with academic and clinical partners. 

Kathleen Faulkner, Audiologist & Senior Researcher @ Oticon

Jakob Nielsen, M.Sc. Multimedia Technology, ITU, BA Musicology has since 2004 been working in RnD at hearing aid manufacturer Widex which is now part of WS Audiology. In his job, Jakob has been developing new algorithms for hearing aids, focusing on human perception of sounds. Among this he has developed hearing aid solutions for tinnitus treatment. The use of random generated music in the solutions calls for a broad understanding of hearing aid technology, music, and human psychology.

Jakob Nielsen, Senior DSP Developer @ WSAudiology

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the Innovation Power Project, which is funded by the Danish Business Promotion Board and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft  HERE

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