Danish Sound Cluster has achieved gold label certification! 


In the beginning of September 2023, DSC obtained the broadly accepted and recognized quality label for cluster management. In first half of 2023 – and besides our daily operations – DSC prepared an audit conducted by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis. Two independent cluster experts assessed 31 quality indicators and awarded DSC with 86% of the score (80 % is required to pass). 


Observations by the audit organisation:  

DSC is an agile cluster organization with national and international reach. 

“(…) we were impressed by how fast DSC had managed to build a new, stronger and well managed cluster organisation with a distinct national and international role in a short time. DSC is headquartered in Struer in the Sound Hub Denmark. The cluster and hub cooperate to a great extent and create synergies in many areas.“ 


The cluster covers a diverse and broad, professional field. 

“The Danish Sound Cluster (DSC) has a long history of developing the Danish industrial stronghold in the 

world’s audio industry. The technology that the members develop and deliver improves quality of life 

and the health and well-being of the world’s population with hearing aids, pure sounds and 

environmental sound solutions that monitor and combat noise inside and outside of our offices, 

homes, and public areas. Where the cluster focus used to be quite narrow on “sound”, today it is much 

broader, which the expanding member base demonstrates.” 


The cluster’s working groups are well-established and provide great value. 

“The cluster puts a lot of effort into its working groups – they are well-established yet flexible, well run 

and documented, and the outcome is of great value to the cluster organisation – very impressive.” 


An efficient data platform enables data driven analysis. 

“The most impressive asset regarding cluster management we saw was the digital platform with its core 

in a Podio based CRM system. The system and the roles and processes around it enable digital tracking 

of all member contacts and activities and enable data driven analysis of how members can benefit 

more from the activities and services of the cluster organisation.” 


A joint community effort  

The new certification confirms the feedback we have already collected from members, collaboration partners and other stakeholders – on our activities, communication and network. Achieving an external recognition at this level is the award of a joint effort of not only dedicated colleagues at the DSC secretariat, but also of the overwhelming contributions from the community involved in our work. We are extremely thankful for the support we have received from skilled profiles who have volunteered to take some hours out of their busy schedules to help us, especially when it comes to organizing knowledge-sharing events and running innovation projects. We are so proud about the goals that we have already achieved together with you – and look forward to taking the next steps – together! 


Torben Vilsgaard, CEO

Sine Lomholt Thomsen, COO

Danish Sound Cluster

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