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This network group is a community where dedicated profiles from the audio industry can share inspiration and experiences, keep up-to-date with the latest research and knowledge in the field - and find new ways to adapt to the lifestyle and habits of future users.

Denmark is a proud sound nation and sits in an international position of strength within both sound technology and products. It is a position that obliges.

If we are to maintain such a leading position, it is absolutely necessary to keep up with the times, the technological development and the users' constantly changing needs and user behaviour. We have to take on that task as a group if the individual is to be able to fulfill his long-term goals and the great demand we see in the audio industry. In concrete terms, we in the audio industry face a demographic challenge.

How can we adapt to the needs of the younger generation?
This networking group is an attempt to meet these needs of the growing community of audio producers. We unearth some of the great success stories, get the actors themselves to speak and use the case for inspiration and presentations for discussion.

There will be plenty of opportunity to share your own success and failure stories within e.g. storytelling, branding, sustainability, product and production optimisation, just as major actors from other industries will be invited in to share knowledge and experience. We want to create a healthy and confidential environment where there is room to share dreams, hopes and concerns in everything from vision to production.


The network group is for founders, managers, strategists, product specialists, product managers, branding and marketing experts. You come from a company that produces headphones, headsets, microphones, speakers or hi-fi hardware. You can also be a subcontractor to other manufacturers. The network is for you who are ambitious, curious and ambitious on behalf of both yourself and the industry and for you who are driven by innovation, development and community. You enter the network with a desire to share knowledge and experiences with like-minded people.


Danish Sound Cluster provides facilitation, meeting invitations and communication between the approx. 4 annual meetings. As a group member, you have ample opportunity to come up with ideas for themes, presenters and places we can be. We envision working with topics such as:

  • User experiences and user focus – what are the latest developments in the field?
  • New generations, new demands – how do we get the new generations of users to invest in sound?
  • Listening test and sound quality, FORCE Technology Sense Lab
  • Immersive sound experiences at venues, VEGA
  • Branding the audio industry
  • Sustainable conversion – alternatives to neodymium and MDF, repairability, take back arrangements, etc.
  • Business models and market dynamics (BtB and BtC)
  • Supply chain challenges in a global market
  • Development and production of chips
  • Festival experiences, Roskilde Festival
  • Company visits – to network members
  • Visits to educational and research institutions in and outside Denmark
  • Conference attendance

Entry fee

0 DKK for paying member companies of the Danish Sound Cluster - it is possible to be a guest at a single network meeting.

5.000 DKK ex. VAT per person for non-members.

View property here about the framework for DSC network groups.

For questions about the network, please contact the network facilitator

Jeppe Lindegaard, – tel. +6060 3415 XNUMX

Network meetings

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationskraft which is funded by the Danish Board of Business Development and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft HERE

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