Date: 24 January 2024

Time: 9.30 – 17.30

Place: FORCE Technology, Venlighedsvej 4, 2970 Hørsholm

Price: free

Language: English 

Format: In-person event

Catering: Coffee, lunch, snacks and drinks

Sign-up deadline: 16 January 2024

Come join the yearly SenseCamp where FORCE Technology – in collaboration with Danish Sound Cluster – invite engineers, managers and academics to an inspirational and educational day of listening tests, talks and networking activities. Besides colleagues and likeminded you will meet:

  • Søren Vase Legarth, SenseLab Director at FORCE Technology
  • Jan Abildgaard Pedersen,  CTO at LIZN and Former Global President of AES 
  • Markus Vaalgamaa, CEO & Co-Founder of
  • Gabriele Ravizza, Specialist at FORCE Technology, SenseLab, specializing in acoustics and psychoacoustics

The event will be focused on perception, quality, measurement, modelling – mostly with audio, occasionally multimodal. SenseLab will divide the day into six sessions where you will be getting hands-on experience with:

  • Online demo
  • The clinic, listening test
  • SenseLab Quality Rating – Measurement
  • The Rapid speaker spinner
  • HOA-SSR Dataset
  • Listening test

Participant profile: 

Sound engineers, product owners, directors, business developers, managers and academics.

The event is open and free for everyone but there’s a limited number of tickets available, so make sure to claim your spot.


  • 9.30 – 10.00 Sign up & coffee 
  • 10.00 – 10.15 Welcome and agenda –Søren Vase Legarth 
  • 10.15 – 10.45 Talk by Jan Abildgaard Pedersen 
  • 10.45 – 11.15 Talk by Markus Vaalgamaa 
  • 11.15 – 11.30 Talk by Gabriele Ravizza 
  • 11.30 – 11.45 Q & A 
  • 11.45 – 12.30 Lunch and networking
  • 12.30 – 12.45 Getting into a workshop group 
  • 12.45 – 15.30 Workshop – SenseLab facilities & tools
  • 15.45 – Informal networking, snacks and drinks 
  • 17.30 – It’s a wrap 

You will meet:

Jan Abildgaard Pedersen, LIZN, is a seasoned audio industry expert, and president of the recently resurrected Audio Engineering Society in Denmark. With his extensive experience working with industry giants like Bang & Olufsen, Steinway Lyngdorf, Dynaudio, and Amazon, Jan has seen the industry evolve and adapt to new technologies and consumer demands.

Søren Vase Legarth is Director of Department at FORCE Technology, SenseLab. In 2007 he was part of starting up the perceptual sound quality evaluation lab and contributed to building up new services for the audio industry. Today he is managing the department and is the senior specialist within sound quality evaluations of hearing aids.

Markus Vaalgamaa, Co-founder and CEO of SoundlyFit – a brand new company that help companies to design and make better earbuds for ergonomics and audio quality.  
Markus has worked as team leader, project manager and audio expert in various companies: Huawei, Microsoft, Skype and Nokia. Has led successfully with high internal and external satisfaction teams of various sizes at Huawei, Skype and Microsoft.

Gabriele Ravizza is a Specialist at FORCE Technology, SenseLab, specializing in acoustics and psychoacoustics, and recently presented a white paper at the AES New York 2023. 


When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationskraft, which is funded by the Danish Business Promotion Board and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft 

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