Future Sound Forum

An inspiring afternoon

 Thanks to all of you who contributed to an inspiring event at Aalborg University in Copenhagen!

Speakers, panelists, people in charge of the demos & games, researchers, students from several universities and participants from the sound business, – and all other participants joining this networking day. 


Participants from a broad spectrum of the sound industry

29 organizations were represented at the Future Sound Forum.


Talks and Panels

 Machine learning for audio-visual speech enhancement or reconstruction

Cochlear implants & privacy including synthesized data from models of real users

Sound quality in digital meetings paper, presented for the first time by:

Panel: Privacy & Audio

Panel: The sound of Metaverse

Demos & Games

Patch XR

  • Patchworld, an open-ended world builder
  • The Jellyfish, a new collaborative work by Mélodie Mousset and Edo Fouilloux

Vibrating Concert Furniture

The Tickle Tuner

Duo Rhythmo

Lyt Igen

  • An interactive virtual reality application developed for young people with hearing loss to train their hearing and other skills related to their condition. This project was made in collaboration with The Velux Foundations, Decibel, and Rigshospitalet’s Center for Hørelse og Balance. Created by Carl Hanefeld-Møller Hutters and Daniel Reipur

Music Museum

MuCIcal Adventures

  • ‘MuCIcal Adventures’ is a virtual reality game with the purpose of gradually improving cochlear implant users abilities in localization of sound, musical instrument identification and melody recognition. Created by Signe Kroman and Emil Sønderskov Hansen

Danish Sound Cluster

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