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Strengthen your work with sustainability 

The green agenda, the UN's global goals, circular economy and CO2 reductions are all topics that are beginning to take up more and more of our everyday lives. Everything points to the fact that these topics will receive growing attention among the consumers of the future, and that we in the audio industry have to take sustainability into account in our products and in our branding if we are to remain competitive. 

For some, the sustainability agenda may seem difficult and elusive to start working with. However, many audio companies today can easily see themselves in UN-anchored initiatives, such as resource utilization in the industry, technological upgrading and knowledge transfer, diversity in workplaces, sustainable urban development and health services for all. But how do you tackle and focus your work? 

In the network group, we will grasp these topics. Through mutual sparring, we will build up competencies together and share experiences. We will ensure that we have access to the latest knowledge about trends, tendencies and effective tools within the area of ​​the UN's global goals. 



You are an employee or manager in an audio company and are responsible for translating visions of sustainability into concrete initiatives in your business. You want inspiration from how others have approached the task and are ready to share your own knowledge and experiences in this area.   



The discussions in the group can be based on general questions such as: 

  • What is sustainability and how do the UN's Global Goals relate to sustainability? 
  • How are Danish companies obliged to work with these themes? 
  • Is there a burning platform - and what does it possibly consist. of? 

On the practical side:: 

  • How do you get started on working with sustainability and how do you organize it? 
  • What are the pitfalls and what challenges should you be ready to tackle? 
  • Which technical details should be taken into account? 
  • Which types of certifications exist and which one should you go for? 
  • Are there new sustainable materials out there? 
  • How to brand your efforts for sustainable change? 
  • How do you work with circular business models, and what pays off? 

What will you get out of this?   

You will have access to a close and confidential network where you will learn and be inspired. You get the opportunity to collaborate with others who, just like you, are responsible for sustainability initiatives in companies in the Danish sound industry. As a group member, you help to shape and prioritize the choice of topics covered, and where the focus should be. The specific themes are agreed upon from time to time to ensure that the meetings are relevant and topical. 

Speakers and professional sparring partners:  

  • Expert in the UN's world goals 
  • Human Shojaee, President & Sustainability Expert, Sustainable
  • Vibeke Pedersen, Head of Engineering, Troldtekt A / S 
  • Christian Aage Lundsgaard, Project Manager Sustainability, Troldtekt 
  • Merete Djernæs Rath, Quality and Environmental system manager, Interacoustic
  • Sine Lomholt Thomsen and Torben Vilsgaard from Danish Sound Cluster
  • Colleagues who work with sustainability in other companies in the audio industry, e.g. AFRY Denmark, Aalborg University, Alpha Akustik, Bang & Olufsen, Copenhagen Capacity, DPA Microphones, Dan Tools, Demant, Dynaudio, EPOS, Estron, FORCE Technology, GRAS Sound & Vibration, GN Store Nord, Interacoustics, University of Copenhagen, Roku Denmark, Scan-Speak, Steelseries, Troldtekt, WSAudiology

Entry fee

0 DKK for paying member companies of the Danish Sound Cluster

5.000 DKK ex. VAT per person for non-members.

The participation fee is charged once a year; in the first year you are charged per. commenced quarter.

For questions about the network, please contact the network facilitator

Sine Lomholt Thomsen, – tel. +3013 6093 XNUMX

Network meetings

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the project Innovationskraft which is funded by the Danish Board of Business Development and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft HERE

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