Sound in Urban Planning

28 September @ 15.00 - 18.00

Join industry colleagues and researchers and discuss how we better integrate expert knowledge on sound in urban planning and design practice.

Form: seminar

Date: September 28

Time:15.00 – 18.00

Square: Niras Green Tech Hub,

            Sortemosevej 21, 3450 Allerød

Price: Free

Language: English / Danish

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Speakers & panelists
Participant profile
Acousticians in the consulting industry/engineering, urban planners, architects, researchers, entrepreneurs and sustainability experts

The quality of the urban sound environment, as well as indoor building acoustics, are essential for healthier and more livable urban environments - although the subject is often forgotten or downgraded. How do we strengthen the interdisciplinary collaboration between acousticians and urban planners, architects and other partners that are traditionally outside the sound industry? How do we as humans perceive sound and noise? And how do we overcome the dilemmas occurring when sustainable solutions might require further acoustical damping and thus are less cost efficient?

This afternoon, we are setting the scene for field experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, acousticians, urban planners, architects, sustainability experts, and other relevant profiles to mutually inspire each other and discuss the cross-disciplinary work needed for better acoustic conditions in future buildings and urban environments.


Arnthrudur Gisladottir, Ph.D. D, Niras 

Arnthrudur Gisladottir has a PhD degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering. The subject of her PhD was the relationship between architectural design and the urban sound environment, and how expert knowledge of the subject can gain higher status in urban development projects. Arnthrudur is currently working as an engineering consultant in the field of noise and acoustics at Niras A / S, with a focus on bringing the knowledge from her PhD studies to practice.

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