Sound in Museums

22nd November 2023

Explore the integral role of sound in museum settings and art installations, delving into its narrative power, technical installation, storytelling techniques, and historical significance as a cultural and temporal marker in our upcoming webinar.

Form: Online Zoom

Date: 22nd November 2023

Time: 15:00-16:30

Price: Free

Language: English

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Want to explore how sound can be utilized as a storytelling asset in museum settings and art installations? Join our webinar about idea and concepts for art installations, where sound and sound design plays a crucial narrative role. We will be exploring the technical and physical aspects of installing sound in a room, storytelling with sound design and a historical look at how sound collections and soundscapes can be used as a time marker and culture indicator.


For over 15 years, Yoke has stood as a prominent design studio specializing in exhibition and experience design for both cultural and commercial entities. Simon Marxen will delve into selected projects, highlighting Yokes expertise in crafting captivating multisensory experiences – emphasizing on the ability to seamlessly meld powerful visual and auditory elements, bridging the gap between physical spaces and digital installations.

Most of the exhibitions at Moesgaard Museum, designed by Moesgaard Museum´s Exhibition Design Studio, are using scenography and technology to create immersive environments supporting the learning processes and the overall museum experience. Johan Ahrenfeldt will be talking about how sound design can be used to elevate the exhibition experience. He will discuss the creation process and production method, also addressing technical aspects such as audio formats, hardware and infrastructure.

Kamilla Hjortkjær will delve into sound history and the significance of collecting and documenting sound as an integral part of cultural heritage. She will explore the multifaceted role that sound and listening plays in preserving and understanding our cultural past. Especially with a focus on how sound and listening must always be understood and interpreted in a social, political and historical context.


Participant profile  

Sound engineers, sound designers, museum inspectors, creative agencies, digital designers, exhibition managers, creative directors.

You will meet:

Johan Ahrenfeldt

Manager of Exhibition Technology at Moesgård Museum. Besides experience from live and studio production, Johan holds an MA in Information Studies and has been working with design and implementation of exhibition technology for 16 years. During the last 11 years he has been working at Moesgaard Museum´s Exhibition Design Studio, creating exhibitions for Moesgaard Museum and other museums.

Simon Marxen

Creative Director and Partner at YOKE, exhibition and installation design studio. Simon Marxen holds an MA in Digital Design and has been working with interaction design from different perspectives and positions with a strong focus on spatial and digital aesthetics.

Kamilla Hjortkjær

As a Curator at Greve Museum and PhD. Student at Roskilde University Kamilla Hjortkjær has a background in musicology and media studies. Since 2008 she has worked at cultural historical museums and holds a position as museum curator at Greve Museum and Mosede Fort. In the recent decade, she has been dedicated to exploring how sound can be integrated in cultural-historical museum exhibitions and in the collection work at the museum. She has recently submitted her Ph.D. thesis on sound documentation as part of the collection process at cultural-historical museums.

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