The Impact of Technology on Human Creativity

How has the technological revolution made an impact on the way we experiment, play and have fun in the music creation process, when everything seems possible with software plugins and digital presets by just a click on the mouse?

Are we missing something, when we don’t use our fingers to push tactile knobs, or are we gaining something when opportunities in the digital realm seem endless?

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Date: 6 March

Time: 19.00 – 20.30

Form: Online Zoom

Price: Free

Language: English

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Audio engineers, software developers, studio engineers, live engineers, music producers, sound designers, UX designers, experience designers, artists.


In this webinar we will explore and discuss pros and cons of hardware products and software plugins, and how to remind ourselves to stay creative, playful and wanting to experiment with the tools we use.

CEO at Componental and research ass. at Aalborg University Rasmus Kjærbo will give us a hardware perspective on how pushing and pulling knobs and tactility is a motor for having fun and embracing the unexpected in the music creation process. The San Diego based mixing engineer and producer Richie Beretta, will share his thoughts and philosophies on what he seeks and expects from software plugins, delving into some of the Danish owned company Baby Audios plugins. Finally DJ, music producer and artist Elysha Zaide will open the doors to her creative space and demo how she creates music in the digital realm, and how to convert that into a more human live performance production.

This webinar is targeted alle creative profiles as well as software and plugin developers specializing in user interaction.

You will meet:

Rasmus Kjærbo, Founder of Rumkraft and Componental

Rasmus Kjærbo is a music technologist, CEO and co-founder of audio tech company Componental and the electronic music school and artist community Rumkraft.

At Rumkraft, Denmark’s cosiest academy for music technology and the country’s only Ableton Certified Training Centre, they have been fostering a community for music enthusiasts, providing a range of offerings, including workshops, classes, and courses and hosting events that bring together local and global music talent. Rumkraft’s mission is to democratize access to music technology and inspire creativity.

In 2022, Rasmus took on a new adventure, co-founding Componental with Leo Fogadic. The vision at Componental is to revolutionize the audio industry through our sustainable and modular audio platform, Dubby. 

Rasmus’ academic journey, culminating in a Master’s Degree in Sound and Music Computing from Aalborg University in Copenhagen, has been driven by my fascination with the brain and the intricate relationships between neurology, cognition, and human social functioning. This fascination also fuels my professional endeavors, where I constantly explore the intersection of music, technology, and cognition.

Elysha Zaide, Sound Designer and Artist at ill-esha.

An immersive musicologist of all flavors, Elysha has built a multi-faceted industry career as a multimedia composer and sound designer, innovation technology producer, acclaimed educator, and international touring artist. Her career has spanned over two decades and 20 countries creating, performing, producing, and editing content for clients such as Google, Facebook Music, AudioNetwork, Splice, Ninja Tune, Ableton Live, Focusrite, Sennheiser, Audius and the BBC.

At the age of 25 she received the prestigious Guild of Canadian Film Composers’ scholarship and worked as music editor for channels such as PBS Kids, Cartoon Network, Lifetime, and Discovery. She has also been a featured composer on Sports Network, CBC, and the National Film Board of Canada. Her score for “Big Top Ballet” was nominated for a Canadian Videogame Composers Award, and her sound design can also be seen inside various apps and programs such as Kilohearts Phase Plant, Ninja Tune’s JammPro, and Auxy Beat Studio.

As the electronic artist and producer ill-esha, she has toured across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East at notable events such as Boiler Room, Coachella, and A.D.E. After a three-year artist sabbatical serving as a Professor at Berklee College of Music’s masters’ program for Music Production, Technology, and Innovation, she is currently pushing the boundaries of interactive audio managing Sound Design for the LEGO Group in Billund, Denmark.

Richie Beretta, Mixing Engineer and ambassadeur of Danish founded plugin company Baby Audio

Richie Beretta is a multi-faceted musician, internationally known writer/producer and educator. With over 15 years of studio experience, there isn’t many styles or genres that he is a stranger to. He grew up in New York City with a love for punk and reggae but has written, mixed, and produced almost every genre from Metal to J-pop. He has also worked for some of the biggest names in music like Beyoncé and Major Lazer.

Richie is just as passionate about sharing his love of how music is made as he is about making it.  In 2013 he began cultivating the talent of future engineers and hit makers at the world’s leading electronic audio institute, Dubspot. Since then he also started and coordinates possibly one of the first and only live mixing tutorials on

When you participate in this event, your time will be used as co-financing for the Innovation Power Project, which is funded by the Danish Business Promotion Board and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science at a standard rate. Read more about Innovationskraft  HERE

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